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"Cronos" at the Moving Future Festival

9-15 November 2015: Moving Future Festival in Amsterdam

Cronos Collective

We are 5 dancers from the Amsterdam School of Arts from the modern theater dance department. We are interested to work together as an artistic collective in view of creating a performance played during the Moving Future Festival and others little happenings to encourage people to support dance and the fututre of movement in Netherlands.

Our program in the Moving Future Festival:

Thursday 12th November

-15:00 -> Centraal Station Pop up

-18:35 SSBA (Staschouwburg Salon)-> MoreLess

-20:10 -> Flash mob in front of Bellevue

Friday 13th Nov.

-12:00-14:00 -> Centraal station Pop up

Saturday 14th Nov.

-15:00-18:00 -> Pop Up on the ferry

Sunday 15th Nov.

-Installation in Dansmaker

-13:00 Pop Up on the ferry

-16:30 MoreLess in Dansmaker

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